Nicole Spero
Travel Advisor & Planner

Our most treasured memories are when we escape the routine of our daily lives. Vacations are not one-size fits all. As your personal Travel Advisor, I am here to customize every detail for you! 

Nicole is a Premier Advisor with Glass Slipper Concierge/GSC World Travel. Being in the travel industry since 2009, I have extensive knowledge of desireable destinations worldwide. I bring experience & expertise to your planning. Your adventures will be worry and hassle-free. My goal is to create a unique vacation experience with first-class customer service.

I would love to expand your world through exploration, culture, food and personalized experiences. 

Why should you use a Travel Advisor?
The work of a great Travel Advisor is invaluable

Your vacation is an investment, and your Travel Advisor is there to protect every penny of it. One of the biggest advantages of using a Travel Advisor is having someone to contact when you need it the most. You will have access to me personally if something should go wrong (yes, hiccups do occur). Providing that peace of mind to my clients is top priority.

I take pride in providing a personalized service with a personalized touch

While online booking sites and travel planning applications are popular, they do not provide the same level of professional and personal attention that you can receive from a Travel Advisor:

  •  Expertise: Travel Advisors have the experience and knowledge to provide you with customized travel plans, preferences, and budget. 

  •  Affordability: There is the misconception in that Travel Advisors are expensive. The truth is that an improperly planned vacation can become a frustration rather than relaxation.

  •  Support: Travel Advisors offer support and assistance every step of the way. They can provide emergency assistance, deal with unexpected cancellations or changes, and help with any other issues that may arise. Give yourself peace of mind throughout your journey by having your own personal Travel Advisor.